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Phaeton hub

Applications built on Phaeton

  • Carbon credit

    Experience the Blockchain based Carbon Credit tokenisation and traceability solution build using Phaeton Blockchain. It powers tokenized carbon credit assets from generation to transactions to redemption with full audibility and compliances.
  • Real Estate

    Experience the Blockchain based Real estate tokenisation solution build using Phaeton Blockchain. It powers tokenization of Real Estate assets with flexibility of tokenising individual assets to asset portfolio. The solution features a robust token transaction capabilities with compliances and ease of use.
  • Tangible NFT Marketplace

    Tangible NFT Marketplace is a highly scalable tokenisation platform powered by Phaeton Blockchain. It allows creating non-fungible tokens on the fly for different category of unique assets and allows defining complex smart contract logic like royalties etc. The solution also features a robust secondary sales marketplace.
  • Gold SupplyChain

    Phaeton Blockchain powered Gold backed Stablecoin solution is highly scalable and user-friendly solution. It powers granular traceability of gold assets with proof of provenance and reserves. There is a complete workflow for token generation, transactions and redemption using wallets and a robust marketplace.

upcoming projects

Phaeton DeFi

Accounting Software

Supply chain

Development Activity

Being built using JavaScript and TypeScript, Phaeton Blockchain accommodates easy development of any type of decentralized application. In addition to this, the availability of a native token facilitates any digital payments, making it a complete digital ecosystem.

The PHAE Coin

The PHAE Coin is the native coin to Phaeton Blockchain and is use for transaction fee, delegates and rewards in the ecosystem. The PHAE Coin is available on exchanges.

Developer Focused

The Phaeton Blockchain community provides well-written custom libraries and NPM packages to easily develop a Blockchain Application.

Research Oriented

Phaeton Blockchain has been built after extensive research and analysis of the shortcomings of current Blockchain platforms available. Features like Sidechains and interoperability of Phaeton Blockchain, will play a crucial role in poisoning our platform as the de-facto Blockchain platform of the future.

A Happy Community

Deploying many different Sidechain Applications for SMEs and Community projects brings value to the PHAE Coin and Phaeton Blockchain platform. As a community that believes in Blockchain and the positive social impact it has, we believe the applications we are deploying will further add value that our community would expect.